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Fresh Tarragon

The flavour of Fresh Tarragon produces lots of leaves, which can be used for a milder flavour. The plant divides easily and can be grown easily from seed. This herb has a spicy characteristic with anise-like qualities; the leaves are used raw or cooked in fish, chicken and potato dishes. Seed is used raw or cooked. In French cooking, it is usually paired with chives and becomes a fine herbs mix. This highly prized herb is blended into Hollandaise, Tartar and Béarnaise Sauce.

Because fresh tarragon leaves are vastly superior to dried, it was little used in home kitchens until fairly recently. Now it's an essential and indispensable herb. A few leaves shredded into scrambled egg raise this simple dish to a new level.

Fresh Tarragon makes one of the most versatile of herb vinegars and is often used in mustards and butters. It adds a fresh, herbal fragrance to mushrooms, artichokes and ragouts of summer vegetables, with tomatoes it is almost as good as basil. Use tarragon in moderation and it will enhance the flavour of other herbs.


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