Over the years, we have grown fresh herbs with a strong agricultural culture; two generations working with the soil that means a lot of tradition and love in the fields.

We are a family owned and managed Colombian company, dedicated to growing, packing and distributing the finest fresh herbs for culinary and medical use as well as other specialty produce, all year round.

Since 1988 we have experience in the field. All our products are produced for export and sale at the national level. We use the best health and agricultural practices to ensure high quality products whilst always caring for the environment.

fresh mint

Our fresh mint has a wide variety of culinary and medicinal uses.

fresh thyme

Our fresh thyme retains its flavour well in long slow cooking.

fresh oregano

Our fresh greek oregano brings a deep, complicated flavour and savoriness to many cuisines.

fresh bay leaves
Bay Leaves

Our fresh bay leaves are used in soups, stews, meat, seafood, vegetable dishes, and sauces.

"Number 1 grower of spicata fresh mint in Colombia"

fresh chives

Our Fresh chives can be used to flavor salads, egg dishes, baked potatoes, fish, soups.​

fresh rosemary

Our fresh rosemary can be used for ornamental, culinary and medicinal purposes.

fresh tarragon

Our fresh tarragon has a very distinct great taste with a fine consistency of both sweetness and bitterness, good with fish and poultry, and goes perfectly with chicken.

fresh basil

Our fresh basil has an intense, spicy-sweet, aroma and a slight anise-like undertone.​

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Love in the fields
Proper care

The cultivation and processing of herbs is guaranteed according to certified quality systems

Growing, packing and distributing all year round

Experience since 1988

gardening scissors
We guarantee sustainability, traceability and transparency

Number 1 grower of spicata mint in Colombia
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