Our fresh chives most used for culinary purposes

“Fine-leaved” chives have a delicious, mild onion flavour. They keep their slender shape and do not get course or tough with age. The narrow linear leaves are snipped and used primarily fresh, stirred into uncooked foods, such as soft cheeses or salads or added to cooked foods during the last few minutes of cooking, or as a garnish. The attractive flowers, mauve in rounded heads, are edible and make a very pretty garnish.

Fine-leaved chives are thinner and smaller than regular chives and they are a good choice for growing in containers. The plants are raised from seed and will soon produce strong clumps that grow to 20cm (8in) in height. Regularly harvesting the tops of the leaves helps to stimulate further new young growth, which has the best flavour. Chives are perennial bulbs that spread to form neat tufted clumps, ideal for edging beds and paths. They are particularly attractive when in flower and are a favourite of bees and other pollinating insects.


Sleep and mood: Chives contain choline. Choline is an important nutrient that can help with sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory according to some studies. It also helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, assists in the absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation.

Bone health: Vitamin K is related to bone health as it helps to maintain bone integrity and density. Chives contain vitamin K, so they may contribute to bone strength.

fresh chives

Fact Sheet

Description Chives is a perennial plant, has an extensive system of rhizomes where erect buds up to 35 cm high with several cycles of asexual reproduction through their vegetative structures through bulbils emerge; the buds comprise thin leaves.
Packing and presentation Primary
Perforated transparent polypropylene bags of 1 American Pound.
• Bags per box of 12 Pounds, 14 Pounds, 15 Pounds.
Traceability: Block, line, day, classification line, Classifier code.

Product in corrugated cardboard boxes of dimensions: 105cm long, 25.5cm wide and 18.5cm high.
Full: 2 boxes duly zunched.
Exporter`s data.
Net weight.
Country of origin.
Conditions of storage and transportation Storage temperature: 0 ° C - 4 ° C.
Shelf life Between 8 to 11 days.
eggs with fresh chives

How can you use fresh chives?

Use chives with egg and cheese dishes. This is a perfect match.

Cut chives up into smaller pieces and add to salads. Chives in salad are an ideal addition.

Sprinkle over baked potatoes. Bake the potatoes, slice them open, add a dollop of sour cream or cream cheese and sprinkle over with cut chives.

Make a sandwich with chives inside. Spread cream cheese across the bread and sprinkle with cut chives.

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