Our Sweet fresh Basil, Ocimum basilicum is an herbaceous member of the mint family

Our basil is nufar variety with bold aroma and flavour, containing about 1% essential oil which has an intense, spicy-sweet aroma and a slight anise-like undertone. Often associated with Italian cuisine, basil is native to the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Popular as a seasoning and easy to grow, basil is cultivated and used throughout the world. Basil will flourish in your garden or in a pot on a sunny windowsill as long as it gets lots of warmth, water and sun.

Basil should be grown in a position that receives sunlight for around 6-8 hours a day and it can be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill or outdoors in containers or soil positioning the Basil in a sheltered spot that avoids cold winds. Sow at any time if the plant is to be kept indoors. 


Basil is not only a popular folk remedy for ailments like nausea and bug bites but also widely utilized in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda medicine and other holistic medicine systems.

It can reduce stress and anxiety according to some studies: all parts of the holy basil plant act as an adaptogen. An adaptogen is natural substance that helps your body adapt to stress and promotes mental balance.

fresh basil

Fact Sheet

Description Reaches 30 to 50 cm in height. Leaves from 2 to 5 cms. smooth, oblong, opposite, petiolate, aovadas, lanceolate and slightly toothed.
Packing and presentation Primary
Perforated transparent polypropylene bags of American Pound.
• Bags per box of 12 Pounds, 14 Pounds.
Traceability: Block, line, day, classification line, Classifier code.

Product in corrugated cardboard boxes of dimensions: 105cm long, 25.5cm wide and 18.5cm high.
Full: 2 boxes duly zunched.
Exporter`s data.
Net weight.
Country of origin.
Conditions of storage and transportation Storage temperature: 10 ° C - 12 ° C.
Shelf life Between 2 to 3 weeks.
pasta with fresh basil

How can you use fresh basil?

Basil is one of the most appreciated in kitchen herbs, it is considered indispensable by a gourmet. It has a sweet and fragrant taste. Most scented leaves are those gathered shortly before flowering, since they contain a greater amount of oily substances that determine its aroma; their older leaves tend to have spicier flavor. The fresh leaves are used whole or chopped fine.

Basil gives zest to tomato dishes, salads, zucchini, eggplant, meat seasonings, stuffing, soups, sauces and more.

Pesto: it’s typically made from crushed basil, garlic, parmesan cheese, olive oil and pine nuts, though dairy-free options are also available. Try it as a dip or sandwich spread.
Basil complements other herbs and spices such as garlic, marjoram, mustard, oregano, paprika, parsley, pepper, rosemary and sage. If you have fresh basil, take only the leaves — not the stem. It’s generally best to add fresh basil at the final step of cooking because heat can diminish the flavor and bright green color.

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