Tradition and Love
in the fields

We are a responsable agriculture business taking care of the soil. 
We grow healthy crops and source the best quality, fresh & tasty herbs for you!​
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Grow, produce and market fresh herbs of the best quality to satisfy our global customers and consumers. With innovative processes we contribute in a sustainable way to the development of a more prosperous and environmentally friendly society, always thinking about our employees as the mainstay.



Be the first choice of fresh herbs and natural products for all generations. To be recognized in the market for offering a portfolio of excellent quality products that enrich daily food and contribute to good health.

Love in the fields


- High social commitment
- Quality & Food Safety as a priority
- Responsable agricultural practices
- Growing, packing and distributing all year round
- 100% Colombian freshness
- Strong focus on service excellence

We provide the best fresh herbs since 1988

Today we have become a leading provider of fresh herbs in different markets such as the US, Canada, and Europe, specializing in supplying importers and wholesalers. An ethical approach to business, tireless hard work, and going the extra mile for our customers is what makes the difference in our growing family company. We, at La Corsaria, are actively committed to being part of a natural movement for eating healthier and living longer, and it is our passionate belief that fresh herbs are the simplest, freshest and healthiest way to naturally transform the taste of food.

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Our team

We are proud of our team with a high emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our people have a strong focus on service excellence and good agricultural practices. We work every day to bring you the best of our crops.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Aristotle . 

We have a high social commitment, promoting meaningful and sustainable economic opportunities for women in Madrid, Cundinamarca (Colombia).   

90% of our employees are women head of  household Ι We work constantly for our community

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