We promote Team Work, Continous Improvement and Innovation

Our highly qualified staff, take great care by controlling every step from fields to delivery with strict control processes in compliance with the international food safety standards, according to certified quality systems, which ensures that all products have complete traceability, providing reassurance and high quality to consumers.


We promote sustainable farming by preparing the soil, monitoring the planting process and maintaining our plants healthy and strong until harvest time.

fresh herbs farming
fresh herbs farming
fresh herbs farming
fresh herbs farming


We always care about the harvest processs using the best techniques to ensure freshness and traceability. 

Post Harvesting

Our team is specialized, through constant training, to carefully select, clean and weigh the products according to our customers’ requirements.

We apply daily efficiency and quality controls to guarantee the quality of our products.


Our facilities allow minimum time between the harvest and the cooling process in order to keep our products fresh and healthy, ensuring a longer quality shelf life.


We are conveniently located 20 minutes from the airport thereby ensuring that we ship fresh and fast.

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