Our fresh thyme leaves may be small, but they pack a powerful punch

Thyme retains its flavour well in long slow cooking. In Britain thyme is the most popular culinary herb besides mint as it is one of the savory herbs, which are used to flavour hardy meals, bone warming soups, and piquant sauces. They blend their essence with other savory herbs like Tarragon and Rosemary to create some memorable flavours.

‘Winter Thyme’ is a low-growing, wiry-stemmed perennial. The stems are stiff and woody and leaves are small, oval, dark grey-green in colour and very aromatic. It is called winter thyme because it is quite hardy and will very likely winter over without much fuss. Pale mauve-pink flowers bloom at the tips of the stems in summer, the flowers are edible and are extremely attractive to bees.

Fresh Thyme is an attractive edging plant or a spreading plant among and over rocks, growing best in light, well-drained soil. They also make interesting plants for the window sill or in hanging baskets.


Essential oil: cough expectorant associated with cold, relief of cough and cold symptoms.

It may lower blood pressure according to some studies: The ingestion of thyme has been shown to produce antihypertensive activity, which makes it a great herbal choice to support treatments of anyone suffering from high blood pressure symptoms.

Stop coughing: Thyme has been used for centuries to support for the treatment of coughs and bronchitis.

fresh thyme

Fact Sheet

Description Thyme is a small perennial shrub that forms a very dense bush of up to about 30 cm in height or little more. The stems have a gray hue and are woody in appearance, the leaves are between lanceolate and ovate, petiolate, with the outline turned inwards and with the underside covered with whitish villus. Stems between 15 to 20 cm.
Packing and presentation Primary
Perforated transparent polypropylene bags of 1 American Pound.
• Bags per box of 12 Pounds, 14 Pounds, 15 Pounds.
Traceability: Block, line, day, classification line, Classifier code.

Product in corrugated cardboard boxes of dimensions: 105cm long, 25.5cm wide and 18.5cm high.
Full: 2 boxes duly zunched.
Exporter`s data.
Net weight.
Country of origin.
Conditions of storage and transportation Storage temperature: 0 ° C - 4 ° C.
Shelf life Between 15 and 20 days.

How can you use fresh thyme?

Thyme pairs famously with meat, tomatoes, and beans it is the main ingredient in the classic French herb combinations, Boquet Garni, and Herbes de Province. These herb blends are frequently used to flavor meat, stews, and soups.

In Mediterranean cuisine, thyme is a popular seasoning for lamb dishes. The slightly floral flavor of thyme lightens sometimes-gamy flavor of lamb. Za’atar, a popular herb blend in Mediterranean cuisine, features thyme as the main ingredient. Thyme is also used to flavor cheeses, lentils, potatoes, and even tea.

Since thyme pairs so well with eggs, tomatoes, and cheese, it makes an excellent addition to omelets and stratas.

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